The Marta Farmer Approach

Dedication to quality legal service in Southwestern Montana

We have earned a reputation for integrity, hard work, and professionalism. And we mean business. In high-consequence and stressful legal situations, our high-quality legal representation and passionate defense of what’s right gives our clients – as well as other legal professionals - a sense of relief, knowing they’re working with the intelligence, expertise, and empathy of Attorney Marta Farmer.

Our vision is to advocate tirelessly for those in need, and to keep the true American Dream alive, fighting for the constitutional rights of the individual both inside and outside the courtroom.  

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“We have earned a reputation for integrity, hard work, and professionalism. And we mean business.”

- Marta Farmer


Our Team

Working together to meet our clients’ needs


Becki Casey

Legal Assistant

Becki is a legal assistant with the Law Offices of Marta N. Farmer, PLLC.  She has worked as a legal assistant since 2016. Becki enjoys helping clients with their diverse needs and offering her valuable services to attorneys. Prior to working in law firms, Becki was a Title Teacher/Aide with the Dillon Elementary School District for many years.  

Becki attended and graduated from Western Montana College in Dillon, Montana, with an Associate of Science in Business degree.  

In her spare time Becki participates in running, hiking, and biking activities.  She also enjoys her postion as as assistant coach with the Middle School Cross Country team in Dillon.

Dade is the official office dog at the law firm. A full-bred Heinz 57 Special, Dade is a true go-getter. He may have started out as a stray abandoned on the side of a country road in Southwest Virginia, but now he delights in the daily pleasure of keeping watching by the windows and sleeping in between client meetings at the office. In April 2005, Dade jumped into the sports car of a soon-to-be law student, and has never looked back.

When Dade is not sporting a tie and managing hefty legal business, he enjoys chasing cats, digging holes, barking at invisible intruders, and curling up in any cozy spot available.



Office Dog

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“I was sitting in my truck, looking at the courthouse, and I thought, ‘This is where I want to be.’”

- Marta Farmer

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Our History

Montana Attorney-at-law, gone back to country roots.

With the intention of heading to law school, I graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman with a BS in Psychology, and a minor in English Literature. I returned to the area where I grew up and attended the Appalachian School of Law, completing my law degree where I could be close to family.

Just days before the deadline for the 2008 Montana bar exam, I decided it was time to pack up and head back to the state that captured my heart; taking the bar in Montana would allow me to practice law in big sky country. In October of that year, I moved to the hi-line. The Law Office of Carl S. White, a small firm in Havre, had offered me a position as an associate. I spent the next year practicing law from Chester to Fort Benton to Malta. It was an incredible experience for a small-town southern girl. By the following winter, Carl offered me a position as a partner in the firm. We planned on beginning the partnership in the spring of 2010.

Our plans were devastated by Carl’s sudden and unexpected passing in February 2010. The death of my mentor and dear friend not only left me heartbroken, but also unemployed. That April, I opened my own firm out of pure necessity. With only a year and a half of legal practice under my belt, and zero experience running my own business, I began to resent the career I once loved. By 2011, I had almost completely wrapped up my law practice, and I became a stay-at-home mom to my then-husband’s infant son, and we moved our family from the hi-line to Livingston, Montana.

Fate, however, had other plans. I ran into my undergrad Business Law professor while purchasing tickets to the MSU homecoming game in the fall of 2011. Thus, my career in teaching law began.

My time spent teaching undergraduate and graduate law classes at Montana State University will always be five of the greatest years of my life. I believed I’d teach law forever, yet once again, life has a funny way of pushing one down new paths. Personal hardship and heartache opened the door to rediscovering my passion for practicing; teaching no longer was a sufficient substitute for the practice itself.

While sitting in my truck after taking pictures of the courthouse in Dillon, Montana, I found an ad to purchase the law practice of a retiring local attorney. A couple of visits, phone calls, and emails later, I’d not only bought the practice in Dillon; I’d also purchased my home sweet home.

In August of 2017, I made the move to Dillon, along with my menagerie of rescue pets. It was time for this attorney to come out of her ‘early retirement’ and offer legal services to Beaverhead and surrounding counties.

–Marta Farmer

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“In August of 2017, I made the move to Dillon…It was time for this attorney to come out of her ‘early retirement’ and offer legal services to Beaverhead and surrounding counties.”

- Marta Farmer


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Our Core Values

Bringing principled legal expertise to Beaverhead County and beyond



We act with persistence, determination, and strength of purpose.

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We champion those in need and uphold justice for our clients.

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We bring an honorable, ethical nature, authenticity, and level-headed strategy to every case and conversation.

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Our clients can expect the law to be upheld in their best interest, with fairness and freedom.

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We’ll take risks when it’s worth it, and do what needs to be done.